We bake the bread of endless possibilities!

Our greatest passion is to be able to bring you the best oriental flatbread, every single day of the week so that you can create and make a signature dish of your own, or just something really quick and tasty to eat. We call Liba Bröd the bread of possibilities because it can easily be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Why not as a Friday snack, for a romantic date, a picnic, or something completely different. You’re the one who decides how to enjoy our tasty bread! We’ll make sure that your experience with our bread will continue to improve, no matter what you wish to make or create with our bread. To continuously improve we experiment, test, try and taste with an open mind. This is something you can do as well. Let the creativity loose and create something that reflects your personality! Who knows, you might come up with something so yummy you wish to share it with us!


Pieces of flatbread baked in 2017


LibaBrod is found in five countries


Second place in the competition "Entrepreneur in the bakery industry of 2017" in Sweden


Current employees


Sqm of bakery complex


Generations of bakers since 1850

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