As people grow, so does the company.

At LibaBröd we are a large and versatile family with great commitment to each other and the companys’ development. We value a workplace that is respectful, supportive, and caring with down-to-earth leadership and a strong team spirit.

We want everyone who works with us to have the opportunity to be challenged and developed enough to reach their full potential within the company and the industry. As people grow, so does the company. That is why we started our own tailor-made educational body – Liba Academy 2017.

We are the first and only oriental flatbread bakery in Sweden that has such in-house training. The education raises the level of knowledge and stimulates creativity and problem solving within the company. It also spreads a lot of positive energy! This in turn contributes to more initiatives and satisfaction in the entire business. And we need that to continue to create the bread of opportunity.

Quality & Food Safety Management

In this training, our employees get to learn the whole process from an overall perspective. In Q&F, you gain an increased understanding of quality and hygiene, food hazards and risk management, GHP (Good Hygiene Practice), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). We also go in-depth on the companies international certification work with ISO22000, ISO9001, and Swedish legal requirements in the food department.

Quality Controller

In this training, our employees are taught hands-on knowledge about quality systems and quality control (CCP, O-PRP, PRP, and ATP measurement), food-based microbiology, and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Customer Service

In this training, we develop our employees’ serviceability to ensure that customers are satisfied and that they get the right experience of LibaBröd. Understanding of the organization’s service policy to strengthen the level of service and increase customer satisfaction is vital to us. We focus on having an ear against the ground, and seeing ourselves through the eyes of our customers.


“I have worked at LibaBröd for 4 years and feel that I as an individual have grown and developed alongside and together with the company at an amazing rate. I have been able to apply what I learned during my education in Biomedicine, but at the same time gained a much broader knowledge in food quality. I have had the chance to have a large and significant role in quality projects to achieve set goals according to the deadline. I have developed my organizational skills and now work with coordinating LibaBröd’s ISO certification work and compilation of KPI analyzes.”


“I am met daily by new opportunities that make me more independent and I can now easily make my own decisions. My experience is that I have developed every single day at LibaBröd, which has lead up to me now taking care of LibaBröd’s B2B telemarketing in Sweden. I have had an extremely knowledgeable supervisor who has believed in me, fantastic and supportive colleagues, and a company that constantly promotes development and collaboration. ”

Hassna Faraj - Hygiene & Quality controller

“I have been working at LibaBröd for 19 years and for every step the company takes, I have always had the opportunity to grow with the company. I have been awarded industry-related educations that have given me a greater understanding and knowledge of my field. This in turn has made me more independent. I can make decisions myself and I am now also able to coach others at LibaBröd in Hygiene & Quality Control.”

Pierre Ibrahim - Distribution & Sales representative

“LibaBröd is a company where hard work and commitment are highly appreciated. It is a company unlike any other, where everything you give you are getting back in one way or another. I have a great passion for my profession and was awarded the Employee of the Year 2017 award. The corporate culture makes me feel confident in that that I belong to the family and am part of the company and its entire progress. I have been allowed to grow, take on a bigger role, and reach my full potential.”