What it’s like to work with us at Liba Bread!

Our corporate culture is characterized by job satisfaction, professional pride, and a wholehearted attitude. We understand that behind each individual there is a story, and we value our employees’ unique talents and backgrounds. It’s all about creating a place for solidarity and fellowship.

We are looking for a crew and not only passengers. In that way, we continue to strive forward, while we consistently continue to improve.

When we’re looking for new employees we are specifically searching for the right individual and a fitting personality to go with. We believe that knowledge and competence grow along the way, as long as the will is there and the heart is in the right place. To be able to deliver the best products, we need to be the best crew!

Internship? Would you be up for working in an exciting and thrilling environment with lots of interactions between different people and backgrounds? Then this could definitely be the internship for you!  (for high school or university students). Available internships will be listed below. 

We are currently looking for staff for the following positions: