Several generations of love

Combining pure and simple love with the finest of ingredients has proven to be a successful concept, as well as marrying oriental flatbread with the world’s different food traditions and dishes.

Today, we are the sixth generation of bakers who master the art of baking, the traditions, and the solid craftsmanship required to be able to bake really great flatbread. Knowledge and passion are inherited, and for each new generation we are several who are passionate about continuing to take the business forward. It would be difficult not to, when you grow up among freshly baked bread and always have a little flour on your nose. That is why our family proudly sees itself as the sixth generation of bakers with great craftsmanship, knowledge, and high-quality requirements. All that which is needed to bake the traditional flatbread from the Orient – LibaBröd!

From east to west

From the sun-drenched slopes of the Qualamoun Mountains in Syria to Lebanons’ coastal capital and Mediterranean Metropol of Beirut – and then all the way to Gothenburg in western Sweden. LibaBröd’s history and heritage span over several generations, continents, and food traditions.

Nasif Fadel, the founder of Liba Bröd, came to Sweden in 1989 together with his wife. In love and as a newlywed, he decided to do what he was best at – baking flatbread.

“Thanks to a small sum of money borrowed from my family in Lebanon, an enormously strong will to succeed, and important support from my brother Salem and my wife Rita, I managed to start the bakery in Gothenburg in 1992.

There were no machines that could bake our special flatbread, so my brother and I sat up at night making blueprints, constructing and experimenting with different solutions to get exactly what we wanted. ”

– Nasif Fadel, founder

A treasured friendship